By: William St.Claire
on November 27, 2017 at 6:48pm

Today! Danny "The Raptor" Ellison who proudly signed with Inverted Industries in previously year, now signed with Seven; who created and founded by Ellison's favorite Motocross rider James Stewert Jr. in 2013.

It was announced that Ellison signed with Seven for the rest of 2017 into 2018 and more motocross seasons to come. The Raptor told the Inverted Industries owner, Tyler Monson and the rest of the team the 'Best of luck'. Before he was in the match with Matthew Charles McJohn, which now 29 and 0 after Ellison defeated McJohn. He told the History Times ABC:

"Being in Inverted Industries was the best brand I've ever been. I choose to still be friends with the co-owner [Tyler Monson] and others with fellow Inverted Industries riders. I'll the best of luck with Inverted and hopefully we can race against them and will be fine and awesome to me.

His favorite rider who founded Seven, James Stewart Jr. welcomes The Raptor to the Seven family and was given the plate number of 17, which Ellison's accepted it and the number 76 who he had in past four times in storage at his family home in Arkansas.

Author's Take

I'm excited to see Ellison signed with Seven and hope he the best of luck with them. I personally wanted Ellison to keep FOX and Seven in my opinion, but I don't know if i'm right. But anyways, I was excited to him and hopefully the best.

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